Suvicar is a pioneer in thermal insulation systems, which have been proven to be effective for over 50 years in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

SATE SYSTEMS achieve up to 60% energy savings in climate control and offer additional advantages, such as aiding in the Energy Rating Certification of Buildings, a gain in m2 useful for housing (for new buildings) and as a safety measure with regard to fire protection.

Compared to the traditional construction system, SATE SYSTEMS recover 1 m2 for every 11 linear metres of exterior wall for the home, prevent condensation on any of the layers of the wall and eliminate thermal bridges.

The system incorporates crack and fissure protection, as well as two strands of fire protection: non-flammable (rock wool sheets) and low flammability (specially treated expanded polystyrene sheets).

With SATE SYSTEMS solutions, we contribute to more efficient and sustainable construction.